Lakefishing Lofoten

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Trout or Arctic char fishing in Lofoten or Vesterålen: Get fishing tips on the best lakes and spots, or arrange a guided tour with a very experienced and locally known guide.


Fishing tips or a guided tour

Trout, arctic char, sea trout, salmon or various sea fish. Lofoten and Vesterålen are best known for codfishing from a boat out at sea, but some of the rivers and lakes there is very good conditions for fishermen who also love freshwater fishing from land.
If you really want to hit the big drum, some of the mountain lakes gives extra nice trips where you can camp, light a fire and not least: catch very big fish.

There are countless mountain lakes, lakes, beaches and rivers to choose from. Some are better than others. It is not easy to know where to get the biggest fish, most fish, or what it may bite on, without doing a lot of research. Even experienced anglers struggle when they come to a new place or region they have not been to before. One type of bait works perfectly in some lakes, but is completely useless in the next one. For some reason.

The locally known and experienced guide can pass on the knowledge to you and save you a great deal of time, so that you have a targeted approach and go straight to the right fishing spots in the right lakes on the first try. And of course with the right equipment and bait. In that way, you can radically increase your chances of a successful fishing trip that creates memories.

Get fishing tips, or a guided tour

Guided Tour

Join fishing trips from May to September. Fishing for trout and arctic char in freshwater or in saltwater along the coastline for sea-trout, salmon, char or mackerel. On our trips we will be fishing from shore.

Fishing Tips

If you want to fish on your own, the guide will provide you with some inside advises that includes maps, spots, baits and everything that is important.

Some of the favorites

The Arctic char

Arctic char is closely related to salmon and trout. The size of those taken usually varies from 0.5 to 3 kilos. The char is very strong and lively. Arctic char can only be found in Arctic regions and is therefore probably the most exclusive fish in northern Norway. 


Fishing for mountain trout can be extremely fun because the fish itself can be very, very big! Normally the size variates somewhere between 1 and up to 10 kilos. In addition, there is also something special about fishing in the mountains and the magical landscape. And even extra nice if the midnight sun peeks out.


Sea trout can be both large and difficult to catch, but worth the wait if it bites. One can expect the catch to be between 1 to 8 kilos, and they can be caught in some very exciting places. Sea trout fishing in Lofoten is something highly recommended.

Some clips from trips in the past

Fishing tips or guided tour

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