Fishing trip Svolvær


Join a nice fishing trip from Svolvær in Lofoten and catch all kinds of fish. The season for the activity is from April to November.

About the fishing trip from Svolvær

The fishing trip from Svolvær is a popular activity as Lofoten is known for its rich amounts of fish. In number of species and in quantity. The most common fish you will catch is cod, pollock, haddock and mackerel, but it is also likely to catch herring, redfish, catfish, monkfish and flounder. If you are very lucky, halibut. 
The vessel in use will be a typical and traditional fishing boat with good space to move around. The fishing trip starts from Svolvær and the guide will stop at locations that increases the odds for catching as much fish as possible. All equipment is included, and you don’t have to bring anything yourself. 

Included features in the fishing trip

You should jump onboard if

  • You want a taste of one of the most authentic traditions in Lofoten.
  • You want a special memory that last forever.
  • You want a fishing trip with good odds for catching fish. Catch and release or bring it home, it’s up to you. 
  • You want to enjoy the sea, fresh air and beautiful landscape.
  • You like a social environment with the possibility to meet new people.
  • You like to capture great photos.

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