Fløya hike - Lofoten

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The Fløya hike is a very popular hike in Svolvær. From the summit you will get a excellent view of Svolvær, Vestfjorden and the mountains nearby.

About the Fløya hike

From the top of Fløya you will get a really great view of the entire city and its surroundings. On the way to the top you see Djevelporten (Devils gate) and the famous Svolværgeita, two iconic formations in the mountain.
The very top of Fløya, last 10 meters, can be a little tricky so if you are uncomfortable in heights you should avoid climbing all the way up as it is not necessary. You will get great views anyway even if you skip the very last part. 

Note: The trail marking on the map is based on GPS tracking from a hike. The accuracy of a GPS and a background map are sometimes unknown. For that reason, you must always trust your own assessments when you hike in any mountain – more than any map.

The Fløya hike in short

  • Strong trails, and Sherpa-trail in the beginning
  • Svolværgeita (The Svolvær goat)
  • Djevelporten (The devils gate)
  • Great 360 views 
  • 5-10 minutes walk from Svolvær centrum