Matmora hike - Lofoten

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The Matmora hike is a long but not too steep hike. From the summit you will get an excellent view of the north side of Lofoten. 

About the Matmora hike

The hike to Matmora can be approached from two different positions: The route from the south position is steeper and shorter. From the northern startpoint; longer and not so steep.
Matmora is located on the north-east side of Lofoten, at Austågøy, and is an ideal spot for midnight sun during summertime. 

Note: The trail marking on the map is based on GPS tracking from a hike. The accuracy of a GPS and a background map are sometimes unknown. For that reason, you must always trust your own assessments when you hike in any mountain – more than any map.

The Matmora hike in short

  • Strong trails
  • Suitable for everyone, but its a long hike
  • A really nice hike few people regret
  • Excellent views of ocean, bays and mountains in the area 
  • 30 minutes drive from Svolvær 

Foto: @kariboline