Måtinden hike - Andøya

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The Måtinden hike is one of the most popular hikes in Vesterålen. For many reasons.

About the Måtinden hike

The Måtinden hike is a easy one, and the landscape around is very similar to Lofoten Islands. The sunset from the peak will probably be one of the best you have ever seen, and thats only one of the reasons why this hike is so popular. The peak is surrounded with awesome beaches and special cliffs below, and a lively bird island in sight. The bird island is populated by Norway’s biggest puffin colony, and you will experience alot of wildlife in the area. If you hike to Måtinden, you get a good reward when you are standing on top: the view. The difference between the mountain formations in the east and the mountains around the Måtind is big. The plateau on the Måtinden is big so you do not have to go out to the edge to see.
   If you have a night to spare when you are visiting Northern Norway, it’s really worth to spend it in Bleik and do this great Måtinden hike! There are trails all around the area, so you could easily spend a full day hiking in this area.

The hike to Måtinden in short

  • Strong trails
  • The Måtinden hike is one of the most popular in the region
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Stunning midnight sun during the summer
  • Great sea-view, including bird island with Norway’s largest puffin colony 
  • Nice spot to camp