Kayak course

With the kayak course under your belt, you will not only acquire necessary knowledge and techniques to paddle efficiently, but you will also feel safer on water.


Svolvær / Kabelvåg
Duration: 16 hours
Price: kr 2650,-
Season: All year

About the kayak course

After completing the kayak course you will have been through practical exercises, learned to use the kayak with paddle, spraydeck, and PFD (personal flotation device). In addition, you will be familiar with basic safety procedures and practices, as well as how to effectively maneuver the kayak.
In other words: you will also have the necessary knowledge and skills to explore the ultimate nature experience at sea, on your own.

The kayak course includes

Day 1: The course will be held at Ørsvågvær camping, starting at 09:00. There are two pickup-points for free transportation to the course location; one in Svolvær centrum, and one in Kabelvåg centrum. The first three hours are theory and finding equipment that fits you; kayak, PFD and dry suit with neoprene shoes.
The rest of the first day, you become familiar with the kayak, paddle and placement of your body. Bracing, edging kayaking, steering control, forward and backward paddle, not least to paddle sideways. These are some of the practical tasks. Rescue is a natural part of the day since you are looking for the performance boundaries of yourself, the kayak and the paddle.

Day 2 of the kayak course begins with an update from day 1 and some new technical momentum before starting the tour. The instructor will take you to a suitable area and much of the time spent on perfecting paddle strokes and kayak control. This day you can also learn how to use the rudder or skeg. You bring your own food (hot) drink and extra clothing on the trip, and we will find a suitable place to take a lunch break.
Address: Rødmyrveien 24, 8310 Kabelvåg
Pictures from courses in the past