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 Lofoten islands, Vesterålen, Helgeland and Senja in the northern part of Norway is known for its vast distances, dramatic landscapes, its many attractions, things to do and see. People decide to travel for a number of different reasons such as hiking, cycling, kayak tours, skiing, northern light or the midnight sun, fishing or whale-safaris – and in the same time get some fresh air and disconnect form the city-life.
Gathering information can be a complex and very time-consuming task without help from someone with local knowledge. The internet is flooded with tips and travel advises, but these are often relative and based on one-off experiences.
Northadviser gather all the important information for the best things to do in Norway at one place, and thereby ensuring that your travel goals are achieved in the best possible way. We want to increase the quality of your experience by pointing out the places and activities you should see and do, and give you the opportunity to become your “own guide” in Lofoten Islands, Vesterålen, Helgeland and Senja. Follow us on Instagram and get more inspired!