Sea eagle and Puffin Safari

Sea eagle and puffin Safari. Puffin safari will guide you to one of the largest bird colonys in Norway – Bleiksøya (Bleik Island), for a closup of the birds and other animals living in the area.


Bleik, Andøy
Duration: 2 hours
Price: From kr 400,-
Season: All year

About the Sea eagle and Puffin Safari

Sea ​​eagle and puffin safaris guide you to one of Norway’s largest seabird colonies, namely Bleiksøya (The Bleik Island). The Island has an extremely bustling wildlife with puffins, sea eagles, auks, guillemots, cormorants, theists, otters and seals to mention some of the animals. There have never been permanent residents on the island. In other words, there is a lot of untouched nature to see here.

The trip out to the island starts from the marina at Bleik where you will be transported to the island in a classic North Norwegian fishing boat.
Address: Bruvollveien 29, 8481 Bleik