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Sea eagle and Puffin Safari

Sea eagle and puffin Safari. Puffin safari will guide you to one of the largest bird colonys in Norway – Bleiksøya (Bleik Island), for a closup of the birds and other animals living in the area.

Bleik, Andøy

Duration: 2 hours
Price: From kr 400,-
Season: All year

Puffin and Sea Eagle Safari

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure on our Puffin and Sea Eagle Safari, as we take you to one of Norway’s most remarkable treasures – the magnificent Bleiksøya seabird colony. Immerse yourself in the vibrant wildlife and create unforgettable memories.

Join us on this exclusive safari to Bleiksøya, home to one of Norway’s largest seabird colonies. As we venture to this pristine sanctuary by classic North Norwegian fishing boat, you’ll be in awe of the diverse array of wildlife that calls this place home. Marvel at the charming puffins, majestic sea eagles, graceful cormorants, elegant guillemots, striking razorbills, playful seals, elusive otters, and more. The untamed beauty of Bleiksøya, untouched by human habitation, offers a unique chance to observe these creatures up close, creating a truly immersive and unforgettable experience.

Your memorable journey to Bleiksøya commences at the marina in Bleik, where you’ll board our comfortable fishing boat. To secure your spot, simply reach out to us via email, and as soon as the boat accommodates enough guests, the expedition to the island will set sail. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to witness the astonishing wildlife spectacle that awaits you.

Delve into the world of seabirds and immerse yourself in the captivating charm of Bleiksøya. Book your spot now and join us on this unparalleled Puffin and Sea Eagle Safari. It’s time to embark on a wildlife adventure of a lifetime.

Address: Bruvollveien 29, 8481 Bleik

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