Whale Safari Andenes

The whale safari from Andenes is an activity that creates unique experiences and memories that last forever. The highly competent guides will bring you on site where the whales can be located and give you a closeup of the animals.


Duration: 3-5 hours
Price: From kr 499,-
Season: All year

About the Whalesafari Andenes

The whale safari starts from Andenes and the travel time to the site where the whales normally are is approx. 40 minutes to 1 hour +/-. Prior to the departure you will also get a guided tour and a lot of information on the whale museum by highly competent guides.
During the whale safari, the crew will try to locate the whales using binoculars and underwater microphone (hydrophone). They will keep you informed in the process.
Once the whales are located, the boat will approach the animals cautiously so that the guests can get a closeup.
The environment in the sea north of Andenes is close to ideal for whales, and for that reason it is almost certain that visitors will see the animals from the Whale safari-boat. The most common species is the sperm whale, but often you will also be able to see other species too such as killer whales, fin whales, pilot whales, white-sided dolphins and humpback whales. There is no guarantee of which species you will see during the whale safari. Sometimes you will see only one species, other times you will see a combination of different species together.

Whale guarantee

It is very unlikely that you won’t see whales at all. However, if that is the case, you can join for free the next time. Should it not be possible for you to take another trip, you will receive a full refund. The same rule applies if the whale safari is canceled due to bad weather. You will probably not find a better guarantee anywhere else.
Address: Whalesafari Andenes, Hamnegata 1C, 8480 Andenes