Wildlife Safari

The Wildlife Safari will guide you to an island called Anden that is located a few nautical miles north of Nyksund. You can expect to get a real close look at seals and seabirds. If lucky, also different kinds of whales such as killer whales.


Nyksund / Stø
Duration: 2 hours
Price: From kr 600,-
Season: All year

About the Wildlife Safari

The wildlife safari starts from Nyksund and/or Stø and will bring you to the bird-island Anda. From the boat you will see the animals up close.
The boat will also stop by seal shards where the seals often relax on the rocky ground. It is not unusual to see also different kinds of whales on the tour, such as killer whales, but that is regarded as a bonus on this tour.

The harbor seals grow from 140 to 155 cm long and is between 67 and 105 kg. The males slightly larger than the females. The harbor seals have an almost cat-like head shape. The color patterns in the fur can vary widely, from light gray to almost black. They are usually grey-brown with darker, irregular spots on a lighter background.
The Anda Island is an important nesting area for puffins. In addition, you will also see birds like the white tailed eagles, razorbills, guillemots, kittiwakes, cormorants, gannets, arctic skua, theist and other boreal sea birds. There is also a large seal colony on the island.

Explore the nature with a Wildlife Safari

The wildlife safari is an excellent opportunity to see alot of the wildlife that lives along the Norwegian coast. The duration of the tour is normally 1,5-2 hours.