Himmeltindan hike: Himmeltinaen on Vestvågøy is one of the highest peaks in Lofoten, but it is perhaps one of the simplest of those that are demanding. The view is also incredibly beautiful on days with clear blue skies.
Sted: Vestvågøy
Difficulty Level: Challenging
Duration: 5 hours
Distance: 7 km
Height: 930 masl
Dog: Yes

About the Himmeltindan hike

Himmeltindan hike is actually a relatively easy hike if you compare with the other demanding hikes, but because it is so steep and long, it is still a fairly demanding. It requires some strong legs. On sunny days you can expect a fantastic view over the sea, mountains and bays, as well as inwards towards Vestvågøy. Sometimes the fog can be low and you do not see much, so a tip is to look at the weather conditions before setting off. The top is also well placed if you want midnight sun and evening sun. The Himmeltindan hike is also very popular so it can be crowded on sunny days.
Be aware that although the maps are based on GPS tracks, the intention is still just to provide the starting point and approximate direction of the trip, and do not take into account exact positioning. The accuracy of maps and GPS can also vary slightly.
You are always responsible for making your own assements when hiking in the mountains.It is also important to be well-suited for the weather conditions, in addition to bringing enough water and a snack to keep the energy level stable.

Trail from a previous hike to Himmeltindan

Pictures from the hike

Photo: @Thomastur

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