Kongeporten hike


The Kongeporten hike on Senja leads you to one of the most iconic landmarks on the island; Kongeporten. The entire hike will bring you to 3 summits: Instre Kongen, Midtre Kongen and Ytste Kongen.
Place: Fjordgård
Difficulty Level: Challenging
Duration: 6+ hours
Distance: 10-15 km
Height: 740 masl
Dog: No

About the Kongeporten hike

The Kongeporten hike leads you to the iconic Kongeporten, which provides one of the coolest and most iconic view and photo. The entire hike takes you to three mountain peaks; Inner King, Middle King and Outer King. If you climb all three peaks, the total length of the trip will be 15 km, while if you only go to Kongeporten, the total length is 10 km. It is not necessary to climb all 3 peaks to get to Kongeporten. The trail to all three is very demanding and there can be a lot of loose rocks rolling, so it is important to be alert from start to finish.
Be aware that although the maps are based on GPS tracks, the intention is still just to provide the starting point and approximate direction of the trip, and do not take into account exact positioning. The accuracy of maps and GPS can also vary slightly.
You are always responsible for making your own assements when hiking in the mountains.

It is also important to be well-suited for the weather conditions, in addition to bringing enough water and a snack to keep the energy level stable.

Trail from a previous hike to Kongeporten

Pictures from the hike


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