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Nordlandsnupen hike

The Nordlandsnupen hike is a easy, but bit steep hike. Suits most people and gives a nice view of the Island and the Norwegian sea.
Difficulty Level: Easy
Nordlandsnupen hike. Photo: @lindahelland
Place: Værøy
Duration: 3 hours
Distance: 4 km
Height: 460 masl
Dog: Yes

About the Nordlandsnupen hike

Nordlandsnupen and Håheia form an unbeatable duo among the hiking trails on the picturesque Værøy island. These two peaks, with Nordlandsnupen as the highlight, offer you the chance to experience enchanting views of an island as isolated as it is impressive.

While the hike up Nordlandsnupen can be steep, it’s not particularly long, and the reward at the summit is worth every step. From here, a panoramic window opens to the raw and untouched beauty that defines Værøy. You can capture memorable pictures of the distinctive mountain formations that characterize the island and the pristine nature that surrounds you. The sky meets the sea on the horizon, and the view extends beyond the infinite, with the Lofoten Islands as a distant treasure.

It’s a place where you can breathe in Norway’s most refreshing and pure air and feel one with nature. The remote atmosphere at Nordlandsnupen, combined with the majestic view, provides a profound sense of tranquility and connection to nature. It’s as if time stands still, and you can reflect on the hidden beauty that Værøy has to offer.

So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience and want to become one with nature, Nordlandsnupen is one of the most unforgettable places to explore in Norway. Enjoy the clean air, the dramatic landscapes, and the unassuming charm of Værøy Island on this adventure.


While the maps are based on real GPS tracks, please note that their primary purpose is to provide a starting point and approximate route for the trip, rather than precise positioning. The accuracy of maps and GPS may also vary slightly.

You are always responsible for making your own judgments when venturing into the mountains, taking the current conditions into account. It’s crucial to ensure you have appropriate footwear for the conditions and that you bring an adequate supply of food and water for your journey.

It is also important to check the local weather forecast in advance.

Trail from a previous hike to Nordlandsnupen

Pictures from the hike

Photo: @lindahelland