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Ristinden hike is a very steep mountain hike that requires that you are in good shape and have some experience from previous mountain hikes. Not many people go on this trip, but it gives a great 360-degree view.
Difficulty Level: Challenging
Ristinden hike. Photo: @vindvik
Sted: Vestvågøy
Duration: 6 hours
Distance: 7 km
Height: 875 masl
Dog: No

The Ristinden hike

Ristinden, a prominent mountain peak, offers an extraordinary 360-degree panorama that encompasses the scenic expanse of Vestvågøy, with its stunning beaches, mountain ranges, and the vast expanse of the sea. However, the hike to this summit can be quite challenging, with steep sections that might initially make you question if it’s even achievable. For this reason, it’s advisable to reserve this adventure for exceptionally active and experienced mountaineers who are skilled at navigating such terrain with confidence and precision.

That being said, Ristinden is far from an insurmountable challenge. Many intrepid explorers have conquered its heights, and their feedback attests to the rewards of this formidable trek. Hikers who reach the summit often find themselves in awe, both from the breathtaking views that greet them and the deep sense of accomplishment that comes with reaching the peak.

The ascent to Ristinden serves as a testament to the resilience and determination of those who dare to venture. It’s a journey that pushes the limits of physical endurance and rewards you with a unique perspective on Lofoten’s natural beauty. From the mountaintop, you’ll be rewarded with a sweeping vista that stretches as far as the eye can see, revealing the pristine beaches and the rugged mountain ranges that define the landscape.

This hike is not for the faint of heart, but for those who embrace the challenge and the thrill of pushing their limits, Ristinden stands as a testament to the power of human determination and the allure of the magnificent natural world. If you’re ready to embark on this adventure, prepared for the physical demands it presents, the experience of conquering Ristinden will remain etched in your memory as a testament to your adventurous spirit and unwavering resolve.


While the maps are based on real GPS tracks, please note that their primary purpose is to provide a starting point and approximate route for the trip, rather than precise positioning. The accuracy of maps and GPS may also vary slightly.

You are always responsible for making your own judgments when venturing into the mountains, taking the current conditions into account. It’s crucial to ensure you have appropriate footwear for the conditions and that you bring an adequate supply of food and water for your journey.

It is also important to check the local weather forecast in advance.

Trail from a previous hike to Ristinden

Pictures from the hike

Ristinden hike. Photo: @vindvik