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Ryten hike

The Ryten hike in Lofoten Islands provides awesome photos, but can also be ower crowded during the summer.
Difficulty Level: Easy
Ryten hike Lofoten. Photo @Thomastur
Place: Moskenes
Duration: 4 hours
Distance: 7 km
Height: 543 masl
Dog: Yes

About Ryten

Hiking to Ryten in Lofoten is undeniably one of the most popular treks in the region. This is due to several compelling reasons, including the opportunity to capture iconic and impressive photographs at the summit. The hike is suitable for people of all ages and skill levels and offers a short and straightforward route down to the stunning Kvalvika Beach, considered one of Lofoten’s most iconic and perhaps one of Norway’s most spectacular beaches.

The trail from the summit down to the beach is clearly marked, and the terrain is relatively easy to navigate. It usually takes about an hour to walk down to the beach, providing a pleasant stroll through scenic surroundings. At the top of Ryten, visitors are rewarded with a fantastic view of the sea, the cliffs, and the beautiful Kvalvika Beach. Kvalvika Beach is also a very popular camping destination, and many choose to spend the night here for a unique experience.

However, it is important to exercise caution when exploring Ryten, as the mountaintop is quite steep, with cliffs descending sharply toward the sea. It is advisable to maintain a safe distance from the edge for a secure and enjoyable hike. Ryten is an excellent choice for those looking to experience the natural beauty of Lofoten, providing memorable adventures suitable for hikers of varying skill levels. Whether you are an enthusiastic photographer in search of the perfect shot or simply a nature enthusiast, Ryten has something special to offer.


While the maps are based on real GPS tracks, please note that their primary purpose is to provide a starting point and approximate route for the trip, rather than precise positioning. The accuracy of maps and GPS may also vary slightly.

You are always responsible for making your own judgments when venturing into the mountains, taking the current conditions into account. It’s crucial to ensure you have appropriate footwear for the conditions and that you bring an adequate supply of food and water for your journey.

It is also important to check the local weather forecast in advance.

Trail from a previous hike to Ryten

Pictures from the hike

Photo @Thomastur