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Lofoten fishing - The Arctic Cod


Lofoten fishing winter season is from February to April and the objective is catching the arctic cod. This is one of the main events in Lofoten during the winter.

About Lofoten fishing

Every winter the Norwegian Arctic cod, called Skrei, swim down from the Barents Sea to Lofoten to spawn.
The Lofoten fishing has been the basis of existence for the people, for at least five thousand years. It is one of the main reasons why Lofoten is known for many. In Norway the arctic cod is called Skrei, and during the end of March Svolvær host annually a world cup-event in Skrei-fishing where thousands of people join from all over the world. During this event Svolvær is very crowded and it is important to book a room and a fishing-boat to join, early. The event last for only a few days. 

Included features

You should jump onboard if you

  • Want a taste of one of the most authentic traditions in Lofoten; The Lofoten fishing!
  • Want a special memory that last forever
  • Want the best odds for catching fish. Catch and release or bring it home, its up to you. 
  • Want to enjoy the sea, fresh air and beautiful landscape
  • Searching a social environment with the possibility to meet new people
  • Like to capture great photos


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