How to take northerlights photo

Mobile devices

don't use flash

Using the flash destroys the images.

use the manual focus on your mobil

Camera apps

Camera apps for your cellphone givs you several choices such as Longer exposure and shutter speed adjustment which is needed for Northern Lights pictures. We recomend apps like Northern Lights Photo Taker and NightCap camera.


Use a tripod and self-timer so the phone is completely at ease when taking pictures.


Cold weather drains the battery on the phone so you may want to bring a powerbank or two.

How to take northerlights photo



Select manual settings in the camera so you can control the shutter speed, aperture and iso yourself.


Place the aperture on the lens as large as possible.


ISO. Choose the correct iso.

Shutter speed

Set the shutter speed according to the intensity of the Northern Lights.


Focus properly.

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