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Heilhornet hike

The Heilhornet hike is one of the most famous mountainhikes in the south of Helgeland and popular one among experienced hikers.
Difficulty Level: Challenging
Heilhornet hike
Place: Bindal
Duration: 8 hours
Distance: 11 km
Height: 1058 masl
Dog: No

About the Heilhornet hike

Heilhornet and the surrounding mountains have their origin in the continental collision between Baltika (now Europe) and Laurentia (now North America and Greenland) that occurred over 400 million years ago. During this collision, magma rose from the Earth’s interior and solidified as large granite masses beneath the Earth’s surface. Subsequent erosion and movements in the Earth’s crust exposed the granite on the surface. Such large quantities of mantle rock that intrude through the Earth’s crust are known as batholiths. The Bindalsbatolitten is the largest Caledonian batholith in Norway.

This hike starts from Bindalseidet, passing through the areas of Gundagamma and Hornvatnet before reaching the summit of Heilhornet. Just before the summit, the terrain becomes somewhat rugged. In the steepest part of the ridge, there is a chain that can be used for additional support if needed. From the summit, you can enjoy an impressive view that stretches across Helgeland, Tr√łndelag, and into Sweden.


While the maps are based on real GPS tracks, please note that their primary purpose is to provide a starting point and approximate route for the trip, rather than precise positioning. The accuracy of maps and GPS may also vary slightly.

You are always responsible for making your own judgments when venturing into the mountains, taking the current conditions into account. It’s crucial to ensure you have appropriate footwear for the conditions and that you bring an adequate supply of food and water for your journey.

It is also important to check the local weather forecast in advance.

Trail from previous hike

Pictures from the hike