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Boat Rental Risøyhamn


Boat rental in Risøyhamn makes it easy for people that want to explore the nature in Vesterålen from the seaside.

Boat rental Risøyhamn

Risøyhamn is a small village with only approx 200 inhabitants. The village is located centrally in Vesterålen with only 45 minutes drive to Andenes and to Sortland, which is the largest city in the region. From Risøyhamn you will find excellent conditions for boating.

From Risøyhamn you can start exploring the nearby areas from the seaside; open water or calm sea at Andsfjorden or Gavlfjorden. You can expect good fishingconditions all year in the area. 

The boat rental is arranged by Risøyhamn sea houses where you can also can rent extra equipment as to your own wishes and in addition get access to facilities such as indoor gutting room.

The boats

Kværnø 680 HT

2100,- NOK/day

Kværnø 630 HT

1800,- NOK/day

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