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Beaches Vesterålen


The best beaches in Vesterålen Islands that you should visit if you are planning a trip to the region. All of them are ideal spots for camping, photo and midnight sun during the summer.  We list them up and point them out on the map below. 

Your best options if you visit Vesterålen

Bleik Beach

Bleik beach is one of the longest in Norway, stretching over an distance of 2,5 km. The beach is popular for many reasons: white sand, great view, midnight sun and beach activities. For visitors during the winter, its also a great place to see the northern light.  Just outside the beach you will see an island called Bleikøya, it’s the home of a puffin colony, a 70,000 strong puffin population. 


If Bleik beach is crowded and you want some privacy, Høyvika should be one option to consider as it is just 3-4 km away from Bleik Beach. It is smaller and more isolated but it can offer all the same things, except you want be able to see Bleik Island. This beach is probably one of the best beaches in Vesterålen Islands.


Just a 15 minute hike from the popular village Stø, and Stø Champing, you will find Skipssanden beach behind the mountain. The beach is a little isolated, but it’s a very popular spot for many. 


At Hovden you will be able to choose from three different nice beaches that are located within 500 meters. Its a great spot to take a swim, enjoy the sun and the midnight sun. During the wintertime it’s also a great spot to take photos of the northern light. At the beach you will also find a small cafe and a public toilet. 


A very nice beach that is isolated from roads and people. You will need to walk a couple of kilometers from the road before you arrive the beach, but if you want to enjoy sun or midnight sun, it will be worth it. 

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Beaches Vesterålen