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Strender i Lofoten


Beautiful beaches in Lofoten are one of the biggest reasons that make Lofoten a sought-after tourist destination for many. The beaches provide fresh bathing opportunities, photography and an optimal place to camp. Below is a list of all the beaches in Lofoten that are best suited for the mentioned purposes.

Kvalvika Beach

When thinking about the best beaches in Lofoten, Kvalvika Beach is by far one most popular and best in Lofoten. But it can also be some traffic especially during the summer-period, and a available parking-spot can be hard to find. We still strongly recommend you visit Kvalvika beach as it’s a great place to explore and will provide some fantastic photos. If you want to take some photos and enjoy the view, we recommend you hike to Ryten and take the photos from the peak. 


Once stamped as Norways most beautiful beach back in 2011, Hauklandstrand is of course one of the most popular and best beaches in Lofoten. It also has a small cafe nearby and toilet facilities. For a panoramic view of the beach, we recommend you hike to Mannen, a easy-categorised mountain next to the beach. 


Uttakleiv is the neighbouring beach of Haukland beach and is a very popular target for many people because of its surfing, camping and photography-opportunities. Sometimes you will se the areas surrounding the beach packed with tents from campers. 


Bunesstranda/Bunes Beach is a gigantic beach, but it is isolated and inaccessible. The easiest  way to get there is by taking a boat from Reine that will transport you to Vindstad. From there, you need to walk 2.7km before entering the beach. 


Horseidstrand/Horseid Beach is also an amazing beach and a very deep one as it is 1 km long. Crystal clear water, calming sea and sharp mountains in the surroundings, it’s hard to leave this place! Just like Bunes beach, you either need to take the boat from Reine, but jump off in Kjerkfjord and walk from there, or you can hike from Selfjord. 

Rambergstranda & Skagsanden

Both of these beaches are easily accessible as you almost can park your car on them, and they are quite popular as Skagsanden is one of the most photographed beaches in Lofoten. The beaches are located on the northside of Flakstad Island and are separated with just 2 km. 

Hov Gimsøy

At Gimsøy, you will find some very nice beaches at the north side of the Island. One of them is Hov. This is a very popular location for camping, lodging and midnight sun, but it is also possible to ride horses and play golf! The beach offers a perfect combination of facilities and nature in one.  

Rørvika beach

Rørvika beach is one of the locals favourite as it is quite an accessible beach with parking opportunities and a toilet nearby. The beach is quite big and perfect for taking a swim or playing som beach-sports. You will find the beach on your way to Henningsvær. 

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Some of the beaches marked on the map below are not really well known beaches, partly because some of them are inaccessible, but they are still ideal spots for camping, swimming and chilling. So if you want some privacy during the journey, we can strongly recommend these options.

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Beaches Lofoten