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Unstad Beach Lofoten


The Unstad Beach in Lofoten is one of the most popular beaches in Lofoten Islands for several reasons: It is a beautiful beach, the landscape is magnificent, camping, hiking, midnights sun and; it is a surfer’s paradise.

About Unstad beach

Unstad Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Lofoten Islands for two big reasons: It is a beautiful beach, and it is a surfer’s paradise. 
The beach is an ideal spot for surfing as the surfing conditions often are some of the best not only in Lofoten, but also in Norway. 

Said about Unstad beach

“Unstad is a beautiful hidden gem, even if you don’t surf. Majestic mountains surrounding unstad are also great for hiking and watching the midnight sun.”

“Arctic surf at it’s finest. Small and cozy place surrounded by the mountains. We were there an early morning in February and it was beautiful! Perfect combination of surf and stunning nature!”

“Amazing location and amazing setup. Place to stay and experience arctic surfing. The view is out of this world”

“So beautiful! Nice area for camping and making bonfires.”

“One of the greatest beaches on the Lofoten. Sometimes there are surfers at the beach. Enjoy the breathtaking view with the ocean and the mountains on each side. Just take a break and chill some minutes, when the weather is nice.”

“Camped at Unstad beach for the night which was a memorable experience. The midnight sun is a must see from here.”

“Fantastic beach and a paradise for surfers. Activity all year round, and in the summer around the clock. Always just as fascinating to watch the waves and the views. Several hiking trails to and from Unstad, including along the sea around Eggum.”

Unstad beach.